Sunday, 7 August 2011

Camera Review 7 - Diana Mini

I have had a Lomography Diana Mini for quite a long time now and I have to say it was my favourite camera of 2010. I used it far too much. I love how the huge Diana flash fits it but looks kind of too big. I think this is cute. I stopped using it a bit when  I got my LC-A, and had never particularly fancied any of the clone version of the Mini. When I saw the valentine's "Love is in the air" version in the Soho Lomography store I really wanted it. So after saving up and selling my older Diana Mini, I bought the camera below:-
I have fallen in love with this magic little camera and its funny big flash all over again. I really enjoy the half frame option as you get so many more photos on one roll of film so is good for the cheapskate in me. It is also good to make crazy combinations on one frame. The square frame is also a bit of a classic. The camera is really easy to use and gets super results with the coloured flash. Some examples of both formats can be seen below.

This is a great camera with endless possibilities. You can multiple expose to hearts content, choose from 2 formats and it is small enough to fit into a handbag so makes a great night out camera. I love it very very much again, and even more so because of the cute design.

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